Violeta Mariana Alvarez

Originally from Venezuela, Violeta Mariana Alvarez graduated with a First-class degree from Imperial College in London, where she read Civil Engineering. She has a MBA from Cambridge University’s Judge Business School.

Violeta is involved in all the businesses in the Stelling portfolio, in a range of capacities covering both the strategic and operational functions. She performs a number of different roles within the Group, most notably overseeing the Real Estate residential portfolio of the Stelling Group, where her keen eye for design and enhancing properties comes into play. With assets located in the UK, Venezuela and the US, she manages the various properties and is responsible for the P&L, investments and Capex requirements.

Violeta Mariana Alvarez has focussed on the re-branding and re-investment of the Trigon Hotel group offering in Ireland. Championing the motto “Passionate Pursuit of Perfection”, she has been the driving force behind the change that was needed to deliver spectacular results and improvements in customer experience and the performance and standards of the hotels.

Violeta regularly attends board meetings of the group’s distributed energy company PeakGen, challenging the executive team when needed to drive innovation and support the delivery of annual plans. She is a non-executive director of various companies in the portfolio of Stelling Properties, a business in which she provides independent oversight on issues related to strategy, performance and Design.

Through her passion for sport, Violeta Mariana Alvarez has recently focussed on sailing. Since 2016, she has competed in two World Championships and two European Championships, winning the Lucie Trophy in the 2019 Six Metre Class World Championships for the highest placing boat with a female crew member. She is the first lady helm to win a Race since the championships began. Violeta launched and financed a growing online archival resource for the International Six Metre class of classic racing yachts. Started in 2019, this collection of material has been sourced from the Six Metre community worldwide.

Violeta Mariana Alvarez is an active supporter of the Garsington Opera Company which aims to enrich young people’s lives through opera. The Alvarez Young Artist Programme, which was launched in 2014, supports the career paths of promising young talent and Violeta is proud to steer her family’s relationship with the opera. The programme is unique in the industry, offering education, training and performance opportunities to understudies and emerging artists at Garsington Opera.

Violeta is also passionate about protecting the environment, which is demonstrated in her involvement with the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Environment Fund. She is a member of the steering committee for this non-profit that was set up to support sustainable initiatives that promote the preservation of the beauty and natural value of the islands.