José Miguel Alvarez

Originally from Venezuela, José Miguel Alvarez graduated from Imperial College London in 2000 with a Master of Engineering (M.Eng). Soon after graduating, he went on to manage Electricidad de Valencia, a Stelling family business established in the late 1900s in Venezuela.

Throughout his career, he has taken on a number of managerial responsibilities across the Stelling portfolio companies. He is the acting Chairman of PeakGen, the Group’s distributed energy company that enables the transition to cleaner energy resources. He also steers the management team of Trigon Hotel Group with a focus on driving sales, increasing profitability and ensuring return on investments across the group’s hotels.

José Miguel Alvarez has recently taken on the role of Managing Director at Stelling Modular, a state-of-the-art manufacturer for modular housing based in Hampshire in England.

A dedicated philanthropist, José Miguel is Executive Chairman of Amigos del Hospital de Niños, a charity that supports a children’s hospital in Venezuela; the hospital is a healthcare, teaching and research institution providing emergency services, hospitalization and specialized consultations to children and expectant mothers in need. He also founded Friends of the Children of Venezuela, a US-based non-profit which supports children’s education and healthcare in Venezuela.

José Miguel Alvarez remains true to his love of engineering. In his spare time, he enjoys making things and can often be found behind a digger, a saw or CNC router.