Stelling & Co.

is a private investment and management firm, run by three siblings, Violeta Mariana, Jose Ignacio and Jose Miguel Alvarez. Our family has a long-standing tradition of entrepreneurship, that is reflected in the three business lines established by its newest generation.

Operations revolve around real estate development with Stelling Properties, a business whose portfolio companies include student accommodation operators Unilife and the Trigon Hotels group; and power generation with distributed energy company PeakGen.

At Stelling & Co., our investment philosophy is to invest in companies with stable cash flows within established markets and start-ups with growing and expansive prospective. Most of our investments have direct and dynamic management. We favour long-term investments with growth potential for many decades.

We have also participated in a diverse range of private equity investments, both as primary investors and as part of established funds. Through these investments we have interests in prime real estate, an equity management firm with emphasis on sustainable opportunities and an overseas vineyard.