José Ignacio Alvarez

José Ignacio Alvarez is the Executive Chairman of Stelling Properties Limited. Although he was educated as an economist, over the past decade he has focused his passion and energy on property development.

Originally from Venezuela, he is based in London where he has developed a number of commercial properties over the years. His most recent venture involved establishing a modular volumetric factory in Hampshire, England which began production in early 2019.

In his role as Executive Chairman of Stelling Properties, José Ignacio Alvarez establishes the strategic direction of the company as it delivers state-of-the-art real estate projects across the United Kingdom and Ireland. He prioritises innovation in all areas and is focused on always hiring the best talent. Under his leadership, the business has enhanced the urban fabric of the two countries, through high-quality builds and innovative design executed across multi-purpose projects.

Throughout his twenty-year career, José Ignacio Alvarez has served on several corporate boards and held multiple executive positions within the property and infrastructure sectors in Venezuela and the US. Most notably, he is on the board of PeakGen, the distributed energy company enabling the transition to cleaner energy resources.

José Ignacio Alvarez obtained a BSc in Economics from City University and is fluent in English, Spanish and French. He is married to Mariana, a medical doctor who also chairs Chamos, a charity supporting Venezuelan children through health, education and community development programmes. Together, they have four children.